February 6, 2020

Brian Ciciora | Truewerk

In this episode, I chat with the founder of Truewerk, Brian Ciciora. Brian’s background is in construction and product design, which provides him with the technical chops to design workwear and the experience to know what contractors need.

I learned a lot from Brian on what it takes to start your own business and why Truewerk believes they are the future of workwear.



Today my guest is my good friend Shelly Miller Leer. She’s a designer, writer, and teacher, who specializes in the art of upholstery. She’s championed the movement towards restoring, restyling, and repurposing, long before it was the trendy thing to do. 

Shelly just launched a new book on upholstery and is currently teaching out of her HomeRoom shop in Indianapolis. In this episode, Shelly shares some of her secrets to upholstery, her journey as a writer and teacher, and the tools you need to get started upholstering your own furniture.


The Little Upholstery Book



August 12, 2019

Mike Senese | MAKE Magazine

My friend Mike Senese is one of the most talented people I know. Which is why I couldn’t wait to get him on the podcast. He’s a lifelong DIYer, who is as comfortable wrenching on an old Land Rover as he is building with a CNC machine. He’s currently the executive editor at Make magazine and former TV host on the science channel. 

In this episode, he updates us on what's happening at MAKE, the best projects to get your kids started on, and of course his all-time favorite tools.


Today I’m chatting with Clint DeBoer. He runs, ProTool Reviews, which is a leading authority on tools for professionals and the trades. We go deep on the state of the tool industry, how cordless has taken over, and what brands are really innovating. 

If you are really into tools, you'll love this episode.



Marc Lyman is the founder of the long-running home improvement site, Home Fixated. As one of the first DIY/tool bloggers, Marc continues to thrive in the always changing landscape of blogging and media. 

He's now diversified his career and is a well-respected real estate agent with Sotheby's in San Diego. 

In this episode, Marc shares his thoughts on what tools and products we should check out and provides invaluable tips for prospective home buyers that will help them save time and money.


Today's episode is with former This Old House colleague, Dan DiClerico. Dan spent 10 years testing gear and products at Consumer Reports and now is the Home Expert and Smart Home Strategist at HomeAdvisor.

Dan shares his thoughts on the current state of smart home technologies, the best approach to bringing smart products into your home, and his personal experience renovating a 130-year old Brooklyn brownstone.


In this episode, I chat with Joanie Sprague. You may know her as the runner-up on cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model, but I first met her almost 10 years when she was working as a carpenter and hosting her own show on the DIY Network.

She’s currently part of the all-star cast of the new Trading Spaces on TLC, and host of her own podcast called The Little Bit. In this episode Joanie shares what life is really like as a carpenter on Trading Spaces, her joy of teaching women how to use power tools, and some tips on building in a small workshop.



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Griffon Ramsey is an accomplished chainsaw artist based in Austin, TX. She travels the world competing and carving in wood and ice. Our conversation covers her journey into carving, her life in Austin, and some tips for anyone interested in learning how to chainsaw carve.



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Dan Maxey and Eric Jopp are the entertaining duo behind Tools In Action. These two have been talking about tools for years, and have built a huge following with their informative YouTube videos and fun social media posts #TIACrew.

I caught up with Dan and Eric in the midst of their new shop build, and I got the scoop on what’s in store for Tools In Action this year and a surprising pick for one of their favorite tools. Despite their pranks, I had a lot of fun with this podcast and I'm sure you will too.



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Jimmy Diresta has been making things his entire life, using all types of tools, materials, and processes. From welding and woodworking to CNC and printmaking, Jimmy can do it all. 

In this episode you'll learn how he got his start on YouTube and podcasting, why his favorite tool is also the most dangerous one, what's up with vintage printing presses, and what it's like working on the set of the NBC show Making It.

Special thanks to Jimmy being my first ever podcast guest! 



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